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by Brian Chidester
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Former US Army Ranger Shares Why America Needs a New Digital Identity Approach in Government

Matthew Thompson, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Public Sector at Socure shares his personal 9/11 story PLUS why America needs a new approach to digital identity verification in government.

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It was a raw, searing day for Americans who watched the Twin Towers collapse, the Pentagon burn and a plane meant for the U.S. Capitol slam into a Pennsylvania field. More than 3,000 people died.

It's a date that has been seared into my brain as it has many of you listening to this podcast. But after reading an article yesterday it dawned on me that maybe not all of you have memories of 9/11. Because it has been 22 years since the attack.

Here is an excerpt from an article titled "For a new generation of Marines, 9/11 is history":

“All these new recruits were born several years after the 9/11 attacks. Even their instructors have vague memories of that morning. One of the drill sergeants outside was in kindergarten when 9/11 happened.”

So many brave men and women answered the call that day to defend our nation, and today I am honored to have one of those men join me on the podcast, Matthew Thompson. As you’ll hear from our conversation, he was already headed for a career in the U.S. Army when 9/11 happened, and like so many, this further solidified his belief in his decision to serve his country.

But even off the battlefield he has made it his mission to protect Americans, now in his role at Socure, the leader in digital identity verification, where he is the Senior Vice President and GM of the Government business.

He has made it his mission to protect the services that are vital to so many Americans since he left active duty when he co-founded, and has stayed in the industry leading identity practices at Capital One and IDEMIA.

In our conversation we talk about why America needs a new digital identity approach, and he shares his 9/11 story and some of the leadership lessons he learned from serving under Gen. Stan McChrystal as a US Army Ranger at joint special operations command.

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